1998 Toyota Corolla • 211,000 miles

Hello, I searched the threads a little but didn't quite see too much relevant to my problem.

I have had a strange fast paced ticking noise coming from the passenger side of the engine when I start on cold mornings, it usually subsides and goes away after about 30 seconds of idling. Could it be the valve clearance? Or worst case scenario the timing chain/belt?

Also just this morning I started it and it sounded a bit rough kinda changed rpms a little here and there for about 30 seconds then started idling properly. I drove it to work just fine and a few hours later I started it to go to lunch and it took 2 tries to get it started and when it did it was pretty rough a few sputters then caught, could my fuel pump be going out as well?

I appreciate any answer I can get I just need a little advice thanks!
February 12, 2013.

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