1998 Subaru Legacy • 206,879 miles

Ok, So I just purchased a 1998 Subaru legacy outback. The guy I purchased it from had done everything to the car that needed to be done. Timing belt, Head gaskets on both sides, spark-plugs, water pump, oil pan gaskets, thermostat and the clutch pilot bearing. I figured it would be a good vehicle to drive for a while. Well on the way home from picking it up, something blew under the hood causing the following vehicle to be sprayed with a liquid. Instantly the temp gauge went to H. After saying some choice words, we pulled off to the side of the road. Coolant was spewing from the radiator. The car wouldn't go for more than 2 miles without getting very hot. We got it home I figured it had to be a faulty thermostat. Replaced it and it's still no good. Thankfully the guy I got it from had it towed back to his garage and replaced the gaskets again. The car doesn't heat up but it blows coolant out of the radiator. WHAT IS GOING ON? HELP PLEASE! I'm 18 and just spent alot of money on this car.
March 8, 2013.

Are the cooling fans working?

Mar 8, 2013.