1998 Saturn SC2 • 160 miles

I have an EGR code, and have no idea how to fix it. The EGR valve on the car is the kind with the vacuum line, but the car is supposed to have the EGR valve with the wiring harness. I found the plug for the EGR, lying there not connected to anything. Also, the vacuum line is capped. So basically the EGR valve is just screwed on and not regulated by anything. The EGR valve that is supposed to be on the car is a different shape, and the bolt holes don't match up.
Is there a way to hook up either of these EGR valves?
Can I re-drill new holes and fit this new EGR on?
Is there a way to bypass this circuit temporarily to get through emissions? I only have a week left! Please help.
March 27, 2013.

So does the egr valve with the vacuum going to it bolt right up to the intake?Sounds like you have the wrong engine/intake manifold in that car. Its not going to pass smog like that.

Mar 27, 2013.