1998 Renault Clio • Manual • 140,000 miles

Hi will my MOT fail if.

1. I have a hole in my exhaust? I am unsure of the size.

2. My headlights work but when I pull on the stick to turn the full beams on it will not click into place and the lights do not come on. They do not even flash when I pull the stick. The only time something happens is when the headlights are off, I pull the stick the lights will flash and stop when I release.

3. I 'think' there is a slight burning smell when I stop the car - could this have something to do with the hole in the exhaust?


March 18, 2011.

No the hole on the exhaust has nothing to do with a serious headlight electrical problem-you need to bring it in to an electrical auto shop to find out what's wrong-

Mar 19, 2011.