1998 Pontiac Sunfire • 98,000 miles

Electrical problems with '98 Pontiac Sunfire. The car runs great. While running, all the instrument panel warning lights come on and go off each separately and randomly. Bright light indicator light blinks when low beams are on, ABS light is on sometimes and sometimes not, theft lights on sometimes, seat belt light comes on when seat belt is on, etc. Lights will dim slightly and come back to full power while driving, and recently installed new stereo that cuts out and sometimes shuts off completely for a couple seconds, but always comes back. With all this going on. The car runs fine. I haven't done a lot of troubleshooting yet. Trying not to aimlessly replace parts and waste limited funds. Hoping its something common.
February 10, 2013.

Have battery checked and make sure terminals are clean do load test on battery auto parts do it for free

Feb 10, 2013.