1998 Mitsubishi Montero • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 175,000 miles

I will be doing an engine swap on a Montero shortly and I have a few questions. I am fairly mechanically inclined (a few Honda & Subaru engine swaps as well as headgaskets under my belt) but I cannot seem to find a guide on the internet of how to go about swapping one of these engines out.

1. Should I leave the transmission attached to the engine when pulling the engine? What would be easiest? I will have access to an engine hoist, jackstands, and a floor jack. No air tools however.

2. Easier to pull the engine from the top or bottom? If I come out through the top do I need to pull the radiator or A/C condenser?

3. I know there are always small little things about swaps that are a bit tricky, any special bolts/locations/linkages commonly screwed up tidbits that I should be aware of? Or steps that would make pulling or removing the engine easier?

4. I don't know if the Montero I am getting is a sport or not but it is my understanding that there is a difference between the two engines. Does it matter if the engine I get is a sport or not? I know that one engine is bigger then the other but pertaining to mounts/wiring are they the same?

5. I cant think of anything else. If you know if some links that I could look up that would be great. I would like steer away from buying a manual as I have found first hand experience is much better.

Thank you!

January 19, 2011.

I got them back on by going through the hole where the starter bolts up. Had to get a long wrench and then rotated the crank to get some pressure on em.

Jan 28, 2013.
Thanks. I will try that.

Jan 29, 2013.

Thank you for all your tips. They heIped. I finaly got the engine going. It sarted very easy after a few cranks. Passed the DEQ (after I tried to pass it 7 times, trying all kind of tricks) and it runs smooth like a champ. Took me couple of weeks, working few hrs a day, and two full days in two weekends.
I am not a mechanic. I am more a computer "geek" (fixing computers, building websites both design and content). Did some mechanical work with father when I was younger. I am kind of fix-it all kind of a guy.
This project was hard but the fun came at the end when I heard the new engine running.

Some of the tips I've learned from this, not necessary in the order they happened. Hope it will help somebody out there. I could not find any clear instructions how to swap an engine on a mitsubishi montero sport. Here you go

- you need extra tools. I found Hrbourfreight very usefull and cheap for this project.

- you need an good hoist (a 2000 lb one is good). Found out from the delivery guy that delivered the new engine, that the engine alone is about 400 lb.
- disconnect the battery and disconect all the electrical wires. Leave the main electrical line on the car.
- Leave the steering wheel pump, AC pump, alternator and starter on venicle, dismount only from the engine.

- take the radiator out.
- take the front weels off and the protective plastic cover from both sides (between the weels and the body of the vehicle). You will need full access to both sides of the engine.
- remove the exhaust first, remove the metal bar from under the car, the one that supports the transmission (it has 4 bolts pus another bolt that supports the tranny) for easier access
- take the access door that is over the oil pan (at first I thought there are two oil pans : ) ) and access the the torque converter connection bolts. Remove all the bolts from the flexplate.

- find and unscrue all the bolts that connect the engine with the tranny (there are two upper bolts that are very difficult to acces, on the top: lower the engine a little, after you disconnect it from the two supports. It helps to disconnect the transmission from the main metal bar that supports the transmission)

- use the intake manifold system from the old engine, on the new engine. After you open it clean it with B2 spray cleaner. Replace all the gaskets when possible.
- When taking the old engine out, it is good ideea to lift the transmission up with a jack.
- If you happened to take out the old engine with the torque connvertor on, do not worry, there are plenty of youtube videos on how to put it back.

- once you take the intake manifold down, change the sparkplugs and cables.
- use the old exhaust manifolds from the old engine. Change the gaskets too.
- put all the fluids in. I changed the motor oil the next day. It was rusty collor. Probably the new engine sat for a while.

- when you fill it up with coolant, make sure you prime it. There is a bolt for that near the oil intake (the thing you put the motor oil through)
- I added some SPIII mitsubishi tranny fluid. About a quart and something. Than the next day, I changed it all, after I ran to the DEQ and back
- changed the gas filter too.

Feb 16, 2013.