1998 Mercury Mountaineer • 17,000 miles

I ave a 98' Merc Mountaineer wit 5.0v8. I am looking for a
filler tube for the transmission. I believe the explorer would use
te same tube. Could you help me find one. Thanks
Skully's Repair
June 3, 2012.

Look for the goofy plug on the bottom of the pan. Not sure what year they started this silly nonsense but chances are you have a sealed transmission and special equipment is needed to force fluid up through that plug. The intent is to make you take it back to the dealer for service. Just one more of many reasons I would never buy a "newer" vehicle.

Jun 3, 2012.
Sorry I should have been clearer on the question.
I am looling for a new filler tube. The one I have has been
pinched at where the o-ring goes into te body. And it leaks when
parked down on an incline. Sorry

Jun 3, 2012.
OHHHHHH! Now I understand. I would march off to the nearest pick-your-own-parts salvage yard. If you're anywhere between Ohio and southern Georgia, there is a real nice chain of about two dozen yards called "Pull-A-Part". Pay your buck, throw your tool box in one of their wheel barrows, and you can spend all day there. Parts are very inexpensive and employees and customers are real friendly and helpful. You can do an internet search by city to see if they have a vehicle like yours in that yard. They can't tell you options, colors, and which parts have already been removed though. Each yard has over 2000 cars.

I've been to other similar yards around the country but many of them are quite proud of their parts and charge accordingly.

Jun 4, 2012.