1998 Mercedes Benz C230 • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 21,000 miles

1998 Mercedes C230 4 cyl mileage: 21,000. Hi guys, I hope you can help. My problem is that my sunroof is stuck open and I can't get it to close. Also my rear driver side window is stuck open (my husband fixed it by sticking a piece of wood in it to hold the window up). Okay you guys stop laughing. My husband really is extremely smart and very mechanical, but when I told him about the problem he just sat there and said those five little words that I dread "honey take it to the dealer" oh please do you have any idea what a hassle it is to take my car to the dealer. Well, let me tell you the last time I had to take it in to the dealer it took me three hours to just drop it off and get a rental car and I had an appointment. So please if you could e-mail me back with some information for my husband that would be great. Thank you so much!
November 22, 2010.

Being mechanics ourselves, we can understand your husband’s response. Why fix what someone else should do under warranty. Your husband’s response sounds like something we would say under same or similar circumstances.

Nov 22, 2010.