1998 Mazda b2500 • 85,000 miles

The accumulator on my Mazda truck has a hole and all the freon has been drained. I bought a new accumulator and wish to install it myself. I also bought the special tool needed to disconnect the hose. I have never worked on AC systems other than recharging it with freon. My question is, can I just simply change out the old accumulator for the new one? If it's that easy I am willing to do it. I will only need to know how much oil the system requires, how many cans of freon to use, and maybe other details. I am trying to stay away from the corrupt mechanics in my area. The only honest mechanic in my area retired a couple of years ago. Thanks.
August 8, 2012.

When you replace it, add 2 ounces of oil to the dryer. The system will have to be evacuated before charging to rid the system of moisture. Then you can charge it. The amount should be on a sticker under the hood.


How do I evacuate the system? Do I add the oil through the same valve where I add freon? Thanks.

Aug 8, 2012.
Add oil directly to the dryer before installation.

You need a machine I doubt you own. Have a shop do just this procedure for you.