1998 Lincoln Navigator • 220,000 miles

My dome lights are staying on constantly but the door ajar light is not on when doors are shut. The lights do go off when cranking the engine but just until it is running. When I turn the switch on the dash to the on position they get a little brighter. We found a blown fuse for the radio/cd changer/ rear audio and replaced it then the radio stayed on and the key in chime was dinging with no key in so we took it out because the radio works correctly without it. I have removed the interior light fuse for now but the windows do not work without it. I am guessing it is an electrical problem just wondering if there was a suggestion on where to start or a way to turn off dome lights but window will work. Thank You
February 22, 2013.

Light control module is the control. Need a scan tool to check the module for codes and info.


Feb 22, 2013.
Ok so here is where I am now. Radio is fixed that was simply the way the guy that owned it before had wired it.
I removed the GEM and found a burnt spot in it so I have a new one on the way. Now my question is before the lights stayed on I was having a battery drain problem and the Battery Saver relay was getting hot, this was fixed by unplugging the glove box light, so when I install the new GEM should that fix all problems or is there possibly a short that overheated the GEM and it will just happen to the new one also. Thank You!

Mar 11, 2013.