1998 Jeep Wrangler • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 95,600 miles

The heater in our Jeep only blows luke warm air
Billy James
December 15, 2010.

How hot are the 2 hoses, in and out of the heater core?

This might be a Bad Thermostat (stuck in the open position)

I know little about your rig....I will give you a possible resource in which you might plug in different stuff than I did to get possibilities

Imma CJ Kinda Guy---I hate the cold!!!.....So I constructed this using a GM Motor and Squirrel cage fan and a Ford heater core----the rest was "NELSOMATIC ENGINEERING" over at my buddy's sheet metal shop

It is installed in a "PARALLEL" on the Existing Heater Hoses....Will run you out of there!!!

I call it,............"THE SAHARA BREEZE"

Respond and I will attempt to help more!

The Medic

Dec 15, 2010.