1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee • V8 4WD Automatic • 60,000 miles

Squealing noise coming from what seems to be the water pump pulley?
I replaced the belt and theres a brand new idler pulley, and power steering pulley. The belt is wobbling back and forth on the water pump pulley slightly. Gets louder when the gas is hit from a slight chirp to a very loud squeal when gas is hit. Put a hose up to my ear and next to the water pump pulley and it seems to be where the squeal is loudest. Thanks
November 30, 2010.

Hey Feller!

Really sounds like the ole water pump is terminal, probably time for another.

Remove your belt and "Man Handle" the pulley, see if the entire shaft has some WOBBLE in it (it shouldn't) The pulley should turn exactly center--no slop in any direction.

I do not know a lot about your rig---It could be possible that the pulley is loose on the shaft.

Let me know your results

Maybe it will be the later and just need tightening

The Medic

Dec 1, 2010.