1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 95,100 miles

The radiator is about a year old, and so is the water pump, and thermostat. I was checking the coolants freeze point, with the glass vile and the five colored balls. This tester also had a four inch clear plastic tube that slides on the tip of the glass vile. I was holding the tester over the radiator filler opening, gently tapping the vile when the plastic tube slipped off, and dropped right into the radiator tank. My question is, could that tube cause any damage to my cooling system if left in there. Or must I take off the lower radiator hose, and drain the tank and hope that I can get the tube out that way.
October 20, 2012.

Don't worry about it. It's not going to bend to go around all the tight corners, and even if it did, it would get shredded by the water pump. You'd be surprised to learn how much sand is in the engine from the original casting process that never comes out unless the engine is rebuilt and the block is professionally cleaned. That doesn't harm anything either.

Oct 20, 2012.