1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 203,000 miles

I recently purchased this jeep, it is a 98 grand Cherokee limited with the 5.2l. A few days ago I I noticed a slight squeal but couldn't quite narrow down where exactly it was commingle from. Then yesterday it threw the serpentine belt, so I figured the belt was just worn out and I replaced it. When I started the jeep it squealed for a second or two then stopped, figured it was good, but as I was lowering the hood the belt jumped again. After looking every pulley n bracket over I noticed the power steering bracket is broken. It is broken in 2 but also has a few hair line cracks. My question is what causes these to break? Simply old age or do I have a more serous issue? Thank you for your time.
August 27, 2013.

There's nothing common. Is it possible the power steering pump was replaced previously and someone over-tightened some bolts and stressed the bracket?

Aug 27, 2013.