1998 Honda Civic Hybrid • 1.6L 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 161,000 miles

My car is a honda 98 civic Lx. I was trying to connect an aftermarket radio with an aftermarket harness I unpluged the harness to put in my dash and I think the wires might of touched so now the red wire has no power. Yellow wire does have power. I went up to the fuse box under my hood and connected a wire to my back up radio fuse and ran it to the radio thru the outside of the car turn the key and the radio turned on. I checked the fuses on the driver side they all seem to be fine. I know I could probably run a wire from my batt. The the radio with a fuse in between but I would really like to do it the right way
June 26, 2014.

See pic, red wire is for lights

Jun 26, 2014.