1998 Honda Civic

How do you change the evaporator core on a 98 Honda civic ex 5 speed stick shift? We have already changed the condenser and know it is the evaporator core. Not sure why I have to have 200 minimum to ask a simple question so I may just ramble to get it there. I mean it is a simple basic question
July 20, 2013.

We need as much information as possible to understand questions before we are able to reply correctly and 200 characters to describe the probem is not really that much.

If you describe your intention and problem in detail, we would be able to reply correctly without having to ask for more information.


Remove battery.
Discharge A/C system, using approved refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment.
Disconnect refrigerant lines from evaporator core at engine compartment firewall.
Cap hose ends to keep moisture out of system.
Remove glove box and glove box frame.
Disconnect A/C thermostat connector.
Remove 4 screws, one bolt and one nut from evaporator unit and remove evaporator unit.

Jul 21, 2013.