1998 Honda Accord • 3.0L 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 188,000 miles

I have a 98 Accord and it has started cutting out. It had a P0401 code changed EGR valve and cleaned ports that was resolved however it is still cutiing out. When it gets warmed up it will cut out between 2000 & 3500 RPM. It drops down to 500 or so RPM and then picks right back up. It drops off again and then up. When I pump the pedal and get it around 4000 it will hold there fine. Wiggling the key switch has no effect it seems fine. Already seen two mechanics and need to solve the problem with no more bleeding. Please Help.
December 2, 2013.

Check fuel pressure first to make sure its' in range. auto parts rent gauge. then do this.

Dec 2, 2013.