1998 Ford Windstar • 180,000 miles

I will be driving down the road and my Windstar will just start bogging down when I hit the gas even the slightest bit. I will then have to turn the car off and then back on, and it will work for about a mile or so before it will start acting up again. It will also stall out every so often when I stop at a red light or a stop sign. At first I thought it was my gas, but it is doing that even when I have a half a tank of gas.

May 31, 2013.

Are there any codes? You need to have a fuel pressure test done. Also could be idle air control vave. Or intake manifold runners stuck open.

May 31, 2013.
Scan for codes and check fuel pressure. If it doesn't say expert by the name the answer is not from 2carpros.

Jun 1, 2013.