1998 Ford Truck • V8 2WD Automatic • 58,000 miles

I have a class A RV. Ford chasis. It has a shimmer or vibration between about 26 to 31 mph, when applying the gas, not while coasting. I have been told it probably is the torque convertor. If you think the same thing, how expensive is it to repair? If I drive on it for a little while longer can it cause damage to something else, could I be stuck out in the middle of no where, or will it just continue to be an annoyance? Thanks.
Craig Smith
June 26, 2011.

COST? Varies from place to place. Surely over $1000 at a shop.A small Ma and Pop local auto salvage yard might suggest a reliable, inexpensive, small shop. They know, who's who!

Check your "U" Joints. Maybe it could be, just that simple!

The Medic

Jun 26, 2011.