1998 Ford Taurus • 158,000 miles

I was sold a car yesterday, it passed emmissions this morning but this afternoon the check engine light came on with a code P1744, which after researching I know can be several problems. We had to add two gallons of antifreeze this morning due to it being empty, once we did that the heater worked fine. There is a whinning noise while running the car and it seems to eat gas a little faster than a v6 car should. Is it possible it may just be needing routine maintenence or is it more likely a problem with the transmission. The guy who sold me the car says it is not a problem with the transmission although the code states it is. Please help.
January 23, 2013.

First, find out why it needed so much coolant. Have it pressure tested.

1774 code is a bad torque converter. It definitely has a trans issue as you should have the whole trans gone over.

Have someone confirm this with proper testing


Jan 23, 2013.