1998 Ford F-150 • 157,629 miles

I have to press the brake to take the truck out of park. But once I do that the truck drops from park all the way down to first gear and does not stop on N D 2 and does not go into anything other than neuteral and park. I went to auto zone and orileys and they looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Please help
August 27, 2011.

Your truck may have one of 2 safety systems to make sure the truck does not go into gear unattended.
The first links it the the brake so it must be pressed to start. The other system is tied into the brake and steering wheel. Mechanical linkages get worn out overtime and these systems will not dif engage.
Look for a, "Shifter Lockout Release". It look like a key fit in it because it does. Take your key and turn it and the shifter should move freely.
You can also dis connect it, but I DO NOT recommend it.

Another reason is a faulty shift cable. They stretch overtime and can bind up.

Where do I find the shifter lockout release?

Aug 27, 2011.
The lockout release is generally near the shifter. You may not have one and will have to remove console to get the one end of the lockout cable disconnected.
Disconecting under the dashis usally harder, but take a look in the after the console is out and remove either end and secure it out of the way safely until you can get it fixed.

Check the linkage or cable at trans. Its loose there or in the dash by the shift lever.

Aug 27, 2011.