1998 Ford F-150 • 221,000 miles

I have a 98 f150 with a 4.2l v6. Last winter for some reason the truck would turn over but would not start. I burnt up the starter trying. It would only start if hooked up to a battery charger and it went like that for weeks. Then it was fine all summer and now its doing it again but this time it was fine with the key in run position and as soon as I went to turn it over and lost all electricity. Hooked the charger to it everything light up and it fired right up no problem. I had just got home from work 3 hours before this and it was fine. Im not sure where to even start looking
October 22, 2013.

Does it turn over slower without the battery charger hooked up? From the sounds of it, your battery may be bad. Only makes since because if you hook up a charger, your basically eliminating the battery. A bad battery will also self drain it self. Start here before we go further.

Oct 22, 2013.
Its a brand new battery I've only had it for six months. I replaced it the last time it did this. Last year it would turn over like normal and just wouldn't fire, now this year as soon as the starter engages all electric goes out. Beside this most recent time the truck ran fine just 3 hours before.

Oct 23, 2013.
Again, without testing the battery, I cant help you. Ive see batterys new off the shelf go bad after 3 days. It happens.

Oct 25, 2013.