1998 Ford Explorer

Our 1998 Ford explorer is stuck in 4L. All fuses check to be okay. However, we have no power going to the 4 wheel drive switch on the dash. It is a 4 x 4 not an all wheel drive. Is there any relays that can be checked, and if so, where are they located?
July 12, 2013.

For now you can jump 12 Volts to the power wire on the switch to get out of four wheel low. It is late in the a.M. Right now here. Can we please continue this question at a later time for it is almost 5 AM and I wanted to stop at four thank you very much.

Jul 13, 2013.
Got power to the switch now. The power switch appears to be operating. Indicator on dash says it is back in auto and out of 4L. However still drives like it is in four wheel low lock. Thank you for your response.

Jul 14, 2013.
There is a round vacuum canister on the left Fender well. You'll see a cable running from it to the transmission. There is a solenoid on it. When you push the button inside it sends power to the solenoid and you will hear it click. Make sure the servo diaphragm is going in and out. You're saying it's stuck in four-wheel low so the diaphragm should be stuck in. Then when you pull the vacuum hoses off the servo. Should release and come out. Then you are in four-wheel high or 2 wheel high. As you pushthe servo by hand in and out it goes in and out of 4 wheel drive. I hope this helps. Check it out let me know. Good luck -

Jul 15, 2013.