1998 Dodge Neon • 110,000 miles

Just recently had a second engine put in the car under insurance warranty, picked up the car. When you turn on headlights the two turn signal lights stay illuminated and the dash, and the dash gauges spikes all the way to the top and then slowly return to normal. If you have the headlights on and open and shut the door with the headlights on the gauges also spike and return to normal. If you turn on the turn signals with the headlights on, the dash gauges flicker and slowly drop down. Didn't have this problem until I picked up the car.
December 15, 2011.

My first guess is that there is a body ground that was disconnected to remove the engine and not replaced. As a result, power is seeking a ground through another circuit.

Look behind the front tires on both sides. There is a body ground that runs from the strut to the inner fender. Make sure they are both in good condition.

Thank you for the information. I checked the engine area and coming out from the inside upper driver's side firewall was a black and white striped wire that looked like it was pulled/broke. I.E when they removed the engine. For others that have this problem check the grounds. After I attched this wire to ground, I operated the headlight switch a few times and the problem seems to be fixed. I think that the chime portion of the headlight switch burnt out without the ground hooked up. All is working well now, other than the chime is not working if you leave your headlights on. So I will be in the market for a new headlight switch.

Dec 15, 2011.
Glad you got it fixed. Electric is funny. It will take the easiest way out to ground. Therefore, if you have a bad ground, as you did in this case, the power was feeding through the turn signal circuit and lighting up the inside lights.

Take care.

Well I thought I had it fixed but it wasnt that. I am still haveing the problem with the electrical portion that involves the headlights and door chime circuit. I removed the turn signal switch and flasher and turned on headlights and it still illuminates the turn signal indicators on the dash and when I open or shut the door it bounces the fuel guage and temperature gauge. When I plug everything back in and turn on the turn signals the gauges bounce and continue to drop as they bounce to the bottom. Any ideas would be helpful.

Jan 4, 2012.