1998 Dodge Dakota • V8 4WD Manual • 150,000 miles

My Dodge Dakota has no heat and when I use the air conditioning in the summer, it puts off fumes in the truck. When I shut the truck off the coolant system gurgles. Any ideas would be appreciated.
December 17, 2010.

The fumes and the gurgling will be too separate issues. When you say no heat, I need to know if the blower comes on or not. The fumes would be either (depending on what it smells like) an a/c line leak, a coolant leak in the heater core or mold/mildew.

As for the gurgling, that will either be because the cooling system isn't building up enough pressure due to a failed radiator cap or a leak in the system (again, possible leak in heater core), a blown head gasket or the radiator fans aren't coming on/shutting off too early after engine shut down. (Due to faulty ECT sensor)

Ernest Clark
Feb 9, 2011.