1998 Dodge Dakota • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic •

1998 Dodge Dakota: replaced headlight bulbs (with same Sllvania part #9007) because one quit working (presumed burned out). Now neither headlight will work, but all other light are operational. Suggestions? Thanks.
Hank Caddywacker
June 22, 2011.

Check fuses no.2 and 14-Check and test the headlamp switch and the dimmer switch it goes thru these switches before it hits the lights

Jun 22, 2011.
Use a voltage tester, check for voltage at headlamp connector. Headlamp switch on.

In the diagram, red wire is voltage for highbeam, violet wire is voltage for low beam. Black wire is ground.

There is also a fuse you can check, fuse 2--40 amp, in power distribution center under the hood. Not only check the fuse, check for voltage on the fuse circuit. Hot all the time.

Jun 22, 2011.