1998 Daewoo Nubira • 4 cylinder • 228,000 miles

I have a daewoo nubira eurowagon 1.6 litre twin cam. I have been experiencing difficulty after driving for twenty minute periods or so, the engine light will come on and the engine begins to rev at 1.5 and at a stand still and gradually revs higher and higher. I have had various diagnoseses and mechanical repairs such as vacume hose replacement, radiator hose replacement, a part responsible for idle was replaced, throttle body was cleaned, radiator was cleaned, timing belt kit, and thermostat checked; all of these temporarilly fixed the problem for two or so weeks although the problem seems to be back. I have a feeling it could be a computer related problem, do you have any idea of what could be affecting the engine?
February 18, 2011.

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