1998 Chevrolet Truck • 23,200 miles

For the last few months, I use my truck every day, but some times on sat. And sun. It will not be used, on Monday it wouldn't start until I sprayed carb cleaner in air box, fuel pump was 45 psi, turn key on off on a few times pressure will come up truck starts.

Starts on carb cleaner, 45 psi fuel pump, so I replaced fuel reg. Still not starting, but if I turn key on off on off a few times and build up pressure it will start, so I replaced fuel pump 2 weeks ago, everything worked good until it rained then I went to leave work no start, had weak spark so next day at lunch still no start, I replaced cap and rotor, started up ran good until today {2 days} no start, I left key on and climbed up under hood I could hear a faint clicking coming from plenum were wires go in, I taped on it with my ring it stopped I got out from under hood reached threw window cranked over a half turn and started, drove it around block, shut off started a few times, you got any ideas of what I should try next? Could it be plugged up injectors? But when it is running it has great power.
December 18, 2011.

Check the fuel pressure when the problem is occurring.

Dec 18, 2011.