1998 Chevrolet Tahoe • 183,000 miles

I am trying to troubleshoot a fuel issue. My engine will turn over, there is good spark and if I drop some fuel in the throttle body it will fire right up for about 5 seconds. I can't hear the fuel pump running and i've already replaced the Fuel Pump Relay. Is there anything else that could be the issue, other than a bad fuel pump itself?
March 3, 2013.

When you first turn on the key, no crank, you should hear the pump run for a few seconds. If not, have a helper crank it while you check for voltage and ground at the fuel pump connector. At the fuel pump connector, the gray wire is voltage for fuel pump motor, The black wire is ground, check for voltage and ground. If you have the spider fuel system, it is noted for problems.

You can try banging on the bottom of gas tank, That might jar the pump brushes and cause the pump to run.

Mar 3, 2013.