1998 Chevrolet S-10 • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic •

I have a 1998 chevy s10 with the 4.3 and it won't start. It will turn over but doesn't fire. I even tried using starting fluid and got nothing but a belch after it quit cranking. The check engine light is on but it has been for about 5 years with no problems.(My fathers truck)i can hear the fuel pump kick on when I turn the key so I assume it is working. My father seems to thimk it has jumped time or the plugs are fouled but it was running fine just the other day. I thought maybe the fuel line was frozen since we have had some cold temps. But not sure how to check if it is getting fuel or not
January 9, 2011.

You're using starer fluid and still won't combust -Check for spark

Jan 9, 2011.
Also you mentioned-a check engine light on
Have the computer scanned for code/s-you have a problem within the engine management system that caused the CEL to turn on-This is your starting point of diagnosis, finding out what's going on.

Jan 10, 2011.