1998 Chevrolet Cavalier • 200,000 miles

I have a 1998 cavalier 2.2 liter automatic transmission that after running at highway speeds 55-80 stalls at stopping. I put my car into neutral, start it up (has no problems restarting) Then when I shift into drive from neutral it clunks hard, then clunks hard again from 1st, to 2nd gear, then clunks again but not so hard from 2nd to 3rd. I would assume that this is the motor mounts, however it only seems to happen after the car stalls. My check engine light turns on and off pretty randomly, and would assume that the light itself is malfunctioning. The car does not stall at every stop, and never stalls if not brought over 45, or if the car does not make it to standard running temp. Ive recently done a full tune up with the exception of the coil pack module.(Coil packs have been replaced, just not the module that holds them) I am unsure of how to check for vacuum leaks, so some VERY DETAILED information on doing that would probably be a great first step, But in all honesty I am NO MECHANIC, so I cant stress enough on detail.
August 27, 2012.

The check engine light is working and is telling you there is a problem. You need to have the code pukked and get back to us.

Yes, you may have a mount issue but I doubt it. You most likely have an internal issue that needs to be addressed before it lets you down on the road.


Aug 28, 2012.
The error codes read as following : P0742
Definition: TCC stuck on
Explanation: commanded off by the ECM - TCC slip detected after off command
Probable Cause
1. Solenoid Failure
2. Open or short circuit condition
3. Blocked passage in transmission
4. Check transmission range switch for proper operation

TP(throttle Position)sensor
The Throttle position signal is used for various systems in the vehicle.
Probable Cause
1. Sensor open or shorted internally - replace component
2. Check connector and wiring to sensor

EGR valve stuck open condition
While monitoring the EGR valve pintle position the ECM detected the closed position sensor voltage higher the learned closed position voltage
Probable Cause
1. Failed EGR valve
2. Carbon blockage of the pintle.

Thats all the information I could gather about the codes. All of this is practically Chinese to me, so if you could at least tell me what to fix in order to have my car in good running condition, whether or not its something I can do by my self, and if it isnt something to try doing alone, about how much to expect for cost. Or if the car is even worth fixing. As I said before im far from a mechanic, but I am willing to try to fix it my self if its not to complicated.

Aug 28, 2012.
Can someone hrlp please

Sep 10, 2012.
We had a the same problem with our Chevy Cavalier and we spent a ton of money having everything fixed, cleaned or replaced. It took us a VERY long time but we were finally able to find the root of the problem and permanently fix it ourselves.

Ours turned out to be a bad Torque Converter Clutch (TCC). You can easily check to see if that's what the problem is by disconnecting it, driving the car to see if it happens again. If it does not then you most likely need to replace the TCC (they used to be around $100.00 at the auto parts store). We just left ours disconnected and the problem was solved (although replacing it helps with the gas mileage and is probably needed for emission testing).

I hope this helps you.

Ellen B
Nov 21, 2012.