1998 Buick Park Avenue • 6 cylinder Automatic • 97,000 miles

I actually have 2 problems. I have a 1998 Buick Park Ave Ultra Supercharge. Check engine light came on and it started running kinda crappy. Took it to our local mechanic-who put it on the computer. It came up random misfire and he dont know yet what it means. 2nd problem: Hubby parked the car in the garage due to the weather. A few days later when he pulled the car out he noticed the gas guage is buried below empty and will not work. Can you please let me know what is wrong with my car. Thank you
February 14, 2011.

A random miss fire indicates a possible coil fault, I would check this first also a general tune will not go amiss, the fuel tank sender unit may have failed, a mechanic with reasonable electrical skills can test this out for you.

Mark (mhpautos)

Feb 14, 2011.
I also have a 1998 Ultra with the fuel gauge problem exactly as you stated. There was no sender fault on my car. It turned out to be an electrical glitch due to low voltage. I took the front cover off the cluster and used my finger to flick the gauge back. It worked fine for the next week. I then had a problem starting the motor and ran the battery down and sure enough the needles flick like crazy! And yes, one of the flicks actually drove the needle "below empty" right before my eyes. I charged the battery and removed the cluster bezel and flicked the needle back into place and it works beautifully.
I can't believe this info is not yet out there on the net as a common problem with these cars!

Feb 20, 2011.