1998 BMW 328 • 83,000 miles

98 bmw e36 convertible lid motor removal.

Everything has been disconnected from the lid motor and its mounting plate.
The top of the of the plate has 2 threaded dowels running down/vertical through it, the nuts have been removed.
At the bottom of the plate similar situation, except they are going through the plate horizontally, out toward the inner trunk.
No wiggle room up or down to pull out the lid motor with its mounting plate.


M. Nash
Mike nash
April 28, 2012.

Removing and installing/replacing motor for convertible top lock (power/fully-automatic)

Removing and installing finisher on convertible top lock, See: Convertible Top Latch Service and Repair Replacing Finisher on Convertible Top Lock (Electric Motor/Fully-automatic)

Pull off plug connections (1) and (2), unlock both housings and remove from bracket.

Loosen nut (3), pull motor (4) downwards to remove and slide off input shaft (5).

Installation: The two input shafts (5) must be at "Open" limit position (microswitch (S8) tripped).

I had asked prior if it was fully automatic as there are 2 designs


Apr 28, 2012.
Thank you for your input.
1. S8 appears open a gap exists, from the metal strip to the button (is that correct?)
2. My problem is the "top lock" will not open completely as exhibited by the top only only opening 4-5".
3. How do I release(pull out) the retainer( a small ball connected to the ball pan)at the end of the rod from the "top lock" that is attached to the side of the top frame, running south over the the side window toward the back of the car.

Thank you in advance, M. Nash

Mike nash
May 1, 2012.