1998 Acura RL • 90,000 miles

I am hearing a high tone howl. I believe it is coming from the passenger rear tire. It doesn't make the howl when I drive short distances( live 2 miles from work). When I drive 20 mins though it will begin to act up(highway and city). It will continue to get louder and more constant after this point. If I stop driving and let the car sit for even a somewhat short 15 mins it will not make that noise unless I drive more than a few miles or so. The noise doesn't always happen when I turn but as it gets worse it will howl when turning. The howl stops when I apply the breaks but will start when I let off of them. Would like to fix the problem myself is possible.

Thank you for your time and expertise, it is greatly appreciated.

September 23, 2011.

Check the wheel bearing on that wheel. If it gets worse when you turn, it sounds like a bad wheel bearing. The weight distribution changes when turning. When more weight is applied to the bad bearing, it gets louder. That is what I recommend checking first.

I took off the tire and router. I don't have the right socket to get the wheel bearing out but when I spun it there was no noticeable noise and it spun easily. Also it was in securely

Sep 23, 2011.
Can you tell me what direction you turn that makes it louder? That way I can determine if you are on the correct side.

Actually after taking off the pads I found one was wearing very badly. After this I check the two nuts on the caliper and found one was seized up. I cleaned up the bolts and relubed everything andnow no sound is being made

Sep 25, 2011.
Great! That was an easy fix. If you used the same pads, remember the one is going to go bad before the others.

Funny, I went through a similar situation on an Expedition. Inner pad, driver side was the problem.

Yeah I am happy with the result. Thanks again for the advice

Sep 26, 2011.
Glad to help, but you found the problem (lol). Take care and let us know if you have questions in the future.