1997 Toyota Rav4 • 204,000 miles

My daughter's '97 Rav4 will stall when it is put in drive. I also noticed that it's hard to push the car in neutral. In fact, it's almost impossible to push it now.

I had the transmission worked on about a year ago. It wasn't shifting correctly.

There are no trouble code set.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

September 7, 2012.

There is probably a problem with either the shift linkage or sometimes a cable is used in the shifter and that might need replacement. The shifter itself could be binding up.
My best advice is to take it to a transmission shop and not a regular repair facility. Automatic tranmission, especially in a RAV4, are difficult to work on and take special experience and tools to work on them. So, take the extra time to take it to a transmission spoecialist for repair.

This answer was dead on. The boot on the shifter cable had come loose and kept the cable from moving correctly. A new cable fixed the problem.

Nov 30, 2012.
That is great news. I am greatful that it turend out well for you.
If you ever need anything else we will be here.

Dr. C