1997 Toyota Rav4 • 140,000 miles

Hi guys,
i'm in the process of doing my timing belt, and possibly the crank seal. I' m told there is a u- mark that the cam sprocket needs to be lined up with, but I can't find or see this u mark. I can't squeeze my head in that little space to find that u mark.
so, I lined up the indentation of the crank sprocket with the 0-mark of cover, thereby putting the little hole of the cam sprocket at about 11 o'clock. But I can't see whether the little hole of the cam sprocket is lined up with the little u mark.
how can I find this u mark? Or do you have other suggestion(s)?
thank you. Danke. Gracia. Merci.

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December 17, 2012.

Diagram shows the timing marks.
Remove the engine mount and jack up engine slightly for a better visual.
If you have not removed the timing belt yet, you can mark your own point for reference.

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Dec 17, 2012.