1997 Toyota Corolla • 151,000 miles

My 1997 toyota corolla just started to act funny. When I step on the brakes and let go the headlights, and dashboard lights including radio and clock and a/c light go out but then come back on. Sometimes the a/c light stays off and I would have to play with button to try turn it on and off. And when all of this happens there's a little pooping noise coming from speakers? I'm not sure what is wrong. I checked everything under the hood, checked fuses and it looks good. Only thing I saw that caught my eye was the positive battery terminal was loose but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't cause these weird problems. Can anyone give me a suggestion? The car runs fine otherwise. Thanks.
October 19, 2012.

The loose positive battery cable could be tha cause of all these because the power is intermittent. Clean the tighten the terminals and retest.

Oct 21, 2012.