P1310 AND P300

1997 Toyota Camry • 4 cylinder Automatic • 189,900 miles

I have a 1997 toyota camry, 4 cyl. I am getting codes p300 and p1310. The car****** while driving, dies, and is often hard to crank. I cannot figure out the problem. All I see is ignition bank #2, but cant find further info. Please help! Im a single mom and need this car to operate decently! My spark plug wires are 1 month old. They were arcing, but the car just doesnt drive right. Help!
July 27, 2011.

* Open or short in IGF or IGT circuit.
* Faulty ignition coil/ignitor.
* Faulty ECM.

Check ignition IGT signal from Engine Control Module (ECM) to ignition coil. If ignition IGT signal from ECM is defective, Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1300, P1305, P1310, P1315, P1320, P1325, P1330 or P1340 will be set in ECM memory to indicate a specified ignitor circuit malfunction. If ignition IGT signal is okay, substitute another ignition coil and recheck system operation. If ignition IGT signal is defective, check wiring between ECM and ignition coil. If wiring is defective, repair wiring as necessary and recheck system operation. If wiring is okay, substitute another ECM and recheck system operation.

Oct 20, 2011.
Code P0300 is a, "Random Misfire Detected". Check the following for possible source or malfunction; Ignition, EGR, Fuel System, Mechanical Engine Issues.
P1310 is, "Ignitor System Malfunction". Check the following as possible sources of the issue; Ignitor circuit to ECM, Ignitor, Coil or ECM.
Testing the ignitor unit to ECM connection, ECM is located behind glove box, is provided along with diagrams. Check the vacuum lines associated with ignition system, diagram included.

I am providing you with the diagnosis and tests with diagrams for the fuel delivery system and the EGR. As far as mechanical issues go, the crankshaft/camshaft position sensors could be malfunctioning, the timing belt could need replacement, if you have not already, the timing belt needs to be replaced every 60,000. Failure to do so can and will cause timing issues that can damage the engine and you run the risk of the belt breaking and doing catastrophic damage to the engine.
Ignition issues could include the coil, bad spark plugs wires and spark plus and the aforementioned related issue with timing regarding the crank/cam position sensors and the timing belt.

I really think you should pay extra attention to the coil and the ground wire for it. Since your plug wires arced, I can't help but think that it is not grounded properly. One of the tests, for the coil, will go over this.

If you need any further help or have any questions, let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.