1997 Suzuki Baleno • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual •

1997 Suzuki Baleno fails to start. Fuel pump has been replaced and there is spark from the plug cables, but still the car won't start. Could it be the control unit or the timing. If so, can I get the timing diagram? Is a four cylinder engine. And the part number for the spark plug too.
Thanks in anticipation
Elijah Tabiri
December 14, 2010.

Try some starting fluid to see if it starts. This is to confirm it is fuel that is causing the problem.
Have you checked the fuel pressure?
Are there battery voltage at the injectors?
Was any rep[airs carried out prior to this occurring?

Dec 15, 2010.
I have checked the pump pressure, there is battery voltage to the injectors. Yes some roadside mechanics did some try and errors but was to no avail. I was later told to change the control. But there is spark also at the plugs wires. Fuel pump has been changed and pressure ok. What else could it be.

Dec 16, 2010.
You need to check if the injectors are pulsing. A noid light across the injectors and cranking the engine would allow you to test the pulsing. If no pulsings are found, you could havea fault with the engine computer.

Was any repairs done prior to this occurring?

Dec 16, 2010.