1997 Subaru Outback • 4 cylinder AWD Manual •

New girlfriend, dirty air filter, 1eft it out on the way to auto parts store. As soon as I started it up, it now won't idle, just dies, Auto parts guy recommended MAF cleaner, didn't work. Unplugging the MAF sensor will make the car idle just fine but loses power just under 3000 rpm and starts jerking. If MAF plugged in it runs pretty well in high revs but dies in idle. Used MAF sensor from E-bay did not change symptoms whatsoever, please help. Currently running fuel injector sea foam through a tank of gas right now but that's all. MIKE KEMMLER
Mike kemmler
November 12, 2010.

Inspect and test the idle air control solenoid valve, EGR and PCV valves and throttle position sensor-

Nov 12, 2010.