1997 Saturn SW1 • 140,000 miles

Hi I have a 97 sw1 that started making a noise under valve cover when engine is cold REALLY LOUD, my mechanic pulled the valve cover and everything looks good(timing chain, etc) he thinks that it is a lifter not pumping up.
March 26, 2012.

The noise is probably a crushed lifter. It really can't be fixed as it would have to essentaially have the motor torn down to replace it.
It will still run okay for a while even with the crushed lifter. It is just not lifting the valve as much as it could.
You should be able to run it for a while if you can get used to the noise.

Just to add this one on that engine the lifters are easy to change they have roller lifters that ride on the top of the cam. To replace one all you have to do is remove the valve cover and rocker shafts.I would hardly call that having to tear the engine down. Also all your details above were cut off could you please explain them again to me?

Mar 27, 2012.