1997 Saturn SC1 • 191,076 miles

My 97 saturn sc1 threw a check engine code P1404 which is a EGR code closed pintil or failed egr took out the egr cleaned it with carben cleaner spray while pressing pintil put it back in and deleted the code drove a half a block p1404 code came right back drove for a week with service engine light on. At the end of the week check engine light turned off that was a month ago two daysago check engine light came back on put new egr in drove a half a block light came back if u can tell me whats the next step ti fixing this problem please let me know?
March 18, 2013.

Have you checked to see if the egr port was plugged? Remove the egr valve and start the car for a few seconds the engine should race an you should hear a loud exhaust leak?

Mar 18, 2013.