1997 Renault Megane • 90,000 miles

1997 Megane Coupe. Alarm has recently started started malfunctioning (going on and off constantly). I've had to disconnect the car battery to shut it up.The car has its own factory fitted immobiliser controlled by the key FOB, and I can start and drive the car with the alarm sounding. Locking and unlocking the doors isn't stopping the alarm. The alarm sound itself is different to usual - wobbling pitch bird like noise - sounds like it is broken.I haven't changed the car battery recently which I understand can trigger the alarm. Mine is a very similar problem to this:, I don't have the alarm control in in glove compartment.Is there a way for me to disable the alarm? Cutting wires or removing it altogether is fine as I don't need an alarm anyway. Thanks very much
March 23, 2012.

OK I'll declare this issue solved. 3 days later and the alarm hasn't played up. Removing the backup battery from the siren solved the issue.
Just to summarise for other people who might encounter this problem: -Alarm going off randomly - possibly sounding broken/quiet.
-If you can still unlock and start the engine with the alarm sounding - this is an alarm siren malfunction, likely due to a failed backup battery.
-open the siren, possibly mounted near the car battery and remove the small backup battery.

Thanks KHLow2008 for your suggestions.

Mar 26, 2012.
You're welcome and glad to know you have fixed the problem.

Have a great day.

Mar 26, 2012.