1997 Oldsmobile Aurora • V8 2WD Automatic • 140 miles

1997 olds aurora won't start. Computer reads clean key and try in 3 minuets. Tried both keys, still won't start. Battery full charge. Pulled negative battery cable to reset codes still won't start, same thing reads Out
Craig brown
February 8, 2011.


Craig brown
Feb 8, 2011.
Do you have fuel pressure? I presume it is cranking on the key?

Mark (mhpautos)

Feb 8, 2011.
It sounds like you are having a problem with the Passkey security system and it's not recognizing your key.
The most common failure in these is the sensor in the ignition lock that reads the

key pellet. That would mean replacing the ignition lock with a sensor included and

the Passlock Decoder Module.

That sensor can be bypassed. You would need a digital ohmmeter to measure the

resistance of the pellet in the key. Now go to Radio Shack and buy a resister of the

exact same value as the key pellet. Go to the base of the steering column and locate

the two thin white wires that go up to the sensor. Cut the two wires and solder the

resister between the two ends coming from the harness. This will permanently

bypass the sensor but not the rest of the system.

Feb 8, 2011.