1997 Nissan Pathfinder • 90,012 miles

Engine knocking my no.2 piston connecting rod bearing was all shredded up.I polished the crank shaft
journal/cap/big ends and tried replacing the bearing with a new one. As I torqued down the cap it still had play on it. Do I need a thicker or over size bearing?My engine is still on the vehicle, im working from underneath the car. Any suggestions?This is my first time doing this.

October 16, 2012.

You will first have to have the crankshaft measured. It will probalby need to be turned down by a professional or you can get a crank kit which is a crankshaft an dbearings. If the bearing is torn up wyou will have to either have to get the rod resized or you wll need a new one. Otherwise anything you try to do to fix it like that wll all be for naught and will fail quickly.

Oct 16, 2012.