1997 Nissan Maxima • 135,000 miles

DETAILS MODIFIED Actually, almost no one can get the car to start but the wife. It fails to crank for her half the time. I have changed the battery, ignition switch, ignition key cylinder.
******The starter was tested ok. ******No blown fuses, links or relays. No engine codes. There is power to everything else. Can hear the fuel pump running and the pressure is ok. There is no sound at all (clicking, etc.) When it does start, it fires immediately and appears to run very good. We have watched her when successful and cannot see her do anything different from us. When this problem is occurring, it makes no difference what gear (automatic), brakes or not, steering wheel position, or the "jiggling" of any of these
John bro
June 21, 2012.

So at the starter there is a battery lead and then an ignition lead. When you to crank position on the key does the smaller ignition lead wire have power?

Jun 21, 2012.
Found massive corrosion under red plastic aux power feed cover at positive battery cable. Also the relay fusible link box in front of battery (bad engineering design) as well as corrosion under insulation on power feed to another fuse box on fenderwall next to battery (another bad engineering design). I am going to change both battery wires as well as the feeds to both fuse/relay boxes. I will most probably have to go to a junk yard - want to replace the entire relay box that sits in front of the battery. As soon as I do all of this I will update. Thank you so much for your assistance.

John bro
Jun 25, 2012.
Oh wow that would cause your problems. Good plan let me know how it goes ok.

Jun 26, 2012.