1997 Nissan 180SX • 4 cylinder Manual • 140,000 miles

Hi, I replaced the timing chain on a 97 nissan pick up 2.4. Engine started right up, but know I am having problems wiht the idling. It seems to be an air leak some where under the trholle body. And can't find it !
Mauricio corleto
January 23, 2011.

Check all vacuum hoses. Make sure the throttle body is tight and the gasket isn't damaged.

Hi, I appreciate very much of you trying to help me. The only part that I removed near the throttle body, is the air filter, what it really confuses me is that before I took the engine apart, it was runing good. You know when you work on the timing chain, you do not have to mess with any vac. Lines except the one on the air filter. And like I said before, when I spray carb. Cleaner the motor seems to run better. But there is no vac. Line off.

Mauricio corleto
Feb 1, 2011.
I understand. When you spary the carb cleaner, if you are spraying it when the engine is running and it runs better or revs, that usually indicates a vacuum leak.