1997 Mitsubishi Diamante • 226,000 miles

Car a/c and blower are both malfunctioning at the moment. Blower recently stopped blowing a constant stream of air to now a very faint breeze. Im not 100% what to check first on the vehile other that the fuses under the hood and the fuses adjacent to the fire wall under the driver seat. Are there relays to check? And how can I check to see it the compressor is getting power? Im just not sure where to start. Any help would be beneficial !

October 6, 2011.

If the blower motor sounds different, like it isn't spinning as fast, I would start there. Check to see that it is getting proper power. The motor may be going bad.

As far as the AC, there is a single wire that goes to the compressor. When power is sent, an electric clutch engages and turns the compressor. Basically, if it isn't engaging, use a test light to see if there is power to the wire when the AC is turned on.

Thanks for the quick reply! OK, So I disconected the wire/clip from the compressor, I believe this part to be the compressor "switch", and with the ignition in he accessory position I stuck the prongs of the volt /ohm meter into the single wire inlet/harness. I got a reading of ".001" and felt that reading was incorrect and I switch the positive and negative lead of the prongs around and got a reading of 7.11 volts. Im not 100% what this is telling but I know that there some type of power getting to the compressor and in my opinion although its not 12+ volts, 7.11v should be enough to atleast turn on the compressor right? Pleased correst me if im wrong. Thanks again in advance for your help.


Oct 7, 2011.
It should be getting 12 volts. I double checked to make sure. Now things are going to get difficult. There are several things, including computers, that can cause this problem. I would be guessing if I told you what to replace. The computer needs to be scanned to identify trouble codes.