1997 Lincoln Town Car • 135,000 miles

A few weeks ago I was having difficulty moving the gear shift from Park into any gear. Seemed as if the brake was not allowing the shift lever to move. So naturally I immediately replaced the Stop Light Switch. While replacing the switch I noticed a bare wire going into the switch, so naturally I repaired the wire - tested to make sure I had power both going in and coming out of the switch. With all that done and checked, I started the vehicle and was still unable to move the gear shift. So in order to get the vehicle into the garage I disconnected the cable from the linkage at the transmission and shifted the trans manually. I have moved the car into the garage, while in the garage I have now replaced the computer, and the lighting control module (thinking it may be connected to the ABS Lighting Module). Still I am unable to move the gear shift from park into any gear. It seems to be locked in park
November 11, 2012.

Computer? Light module?

Put the old computer back as well as the light control module.

The interlock solenoid may be the issue as you need to check to see if it moves.


Nov 11, 2012.
Ok I will re-install the computer and the module, however I am unsure how I am supposed to check the interlock solenoid (I personally thought by the diagrams I was looking at it was in the lighting control module). Can you please enlighten me as to where the solenoid is located and how I can check it - unfamiliar with this procedure.

Nov 11, 2012.
Thank you for the advice. I looked up the part and now realize that it could not be inside the lighting control module. First thing I will go ahead and re-install both the original computer and lighting module (as stated earlier). Although now I am curious as to the location of this solenoid.I dont remember seeing it while I was under the dash?

Nov 11, 2012.

Disconnect battery ground cable.
Remove screws and upper steering column shroud.
Insert a scratch awl into the access hole located in the bottom of the lower steering column shroud. Push in on the ignition lock cylinder release pin, rotate the ignition lock cylinder clockwise to the RUN position and remove the ignition lock cylinder from the steering column.
Remove the lower steering column shroud.
Remove two screws and knee bolster from instrument panel.
Rotate the shift indicator adjustment wheel clockwise until enough slack exists to disconnect the shift indicator cable from the steering column lever. After the shift indicator cable is disconnected, continue to rotate the shift indicator adjustment wheel clockwise until the shift indicator cable can be pulled through the adjustment wheel and the adjustment mechanism can fall away from the steering column tube.

CAUTION: Before lowering steering column tube, completely loosen the shift indicator adjustment mechanism and disconnect the shift indicator cable and adjustment mechanism from the steering column lever to avoid damaging the shift indicator assembly.

Remove two nuts and steering column absorber.
Remove two nuts and lower steering column tube.
Disconnect shift lock actuator electrical connector.
Remove two Torx head screws and shift lock actuator from steering column tube.


Install shift lock actuator onto steering column tube and secure with two Tort head screws. Tighten screws to 2.0 Nm (17 inch lbs.).
Raise steering column tube into position and secure with two nuts. Tighten nuts to 13-17 Nm (10-12 ft. Lbs.).
Install steering column absorber and secure with two nuts. Tighten nuts to 13-17 Nm (10-12 ft. Lbs.).
Thread the shift indicator cable through the shift indicator adjustment wheel and connect the shift indicator cable to the steering column lever. Rotate the shift indicator adjustment wheel counterclockwise onto the shift indicator adjustment mechanism and install into position. Adjust shift indicator as necessary.
Install knee bolster to instrument panel and secure with two screws.
Place lower steering column shroud into position and insert ignition lock cylinder into steering column tube column.
Install upper steering column shroud and secure with three screws.
Connect battery ground cable.
Check for proper shift lock operation. The ignition key should be removable only with the transmission range selector lever in PARK. The transmission range selector lever should be locked in the PARK position with the key removed.

Nov 11, 2012.