1997 Honda Accord • 190,000 miles

Ive got a 97 honda accord automatic and I just did an oil/filter change and drained the transmission fluid and replaced it ever since my car has been acting up ill be driving and step on the gas but nothing then about 3-8 seconds later it kicks into gear and goes ill also be diving on the highway and it almost feels like the car lags ill set the cruse control fo 70 and sometimes itll drop down to 65 before kicking back up I have no service lights on so not sure
September 20, 2013.

If it had /has a filter check to see if it is in all the way otherwise check your fluid level anything other than that have a trans guy look at it.

Sep 20, 2013.
Being such high mileage, it maybe due for a transmission. However, its possible it may be low on fluid. Honda has a routine for checking the trans fluid level. Start the car, move your shift selector through the gears, then back to park. Shut the vehicle off. Within 60 seconds, pull your trans dipstick, and check the level. Let us know what you find.

Sep 21, 2013.
Check your transmission fluid level and condition. Were you changing the fluid to remedy a problem you were having or did this problem arise after you changed the fluid? Did you use Honda trans fluid?

Nov 21, 2013.